When Life Gets Hard...

Get The Motivation Needed To Conquer Life’s Complications At This One-Of-A-Kind, Family-Friendly, Fantastically Funny Conference.

2017 Events

September 9
Grand Sierra Resort
Reno, NV
October 21
Mesa Convention Center
Mesa, AZ
October 28
Landmark Temple Theater
Tacoma, WA
November 11
Spokane Convention Center
Spokane, WA

I really appreciate the different outlooks and everything that they have in their lives and I am going to use what I learned in my life to make it a little better. I’d encourage you to come too!

John T. Litchfield Park AZ

It was amazing! I loved every minute of it. It gave me a new opportunity to be able to see that sometimes what you see as really hard maybe isn’t as hard as you thought it would be and you can do hard things. It was awesome!

Samantha R. SLC UT

It was awesome! If any of you have ever been in a trial, this would be the thing you want to see.

Jeff P. Mesa AZ

I came here with my entire family and we had a wonderful time! It was so much fun!

Kiersten D. Denver CO

I came with my daughters and we had a great time. We feel better about ourselves and the difficult things we deal with feel a little bit lighter today. Looking forward to come to the next one.

Carl L. Glendale AZ

We have renewed strength and are grateful that we came. We loved the conference. The conference was amazing. All the stories help us build our strength back up.

Meredith and Baxter S. Abaline TX

Today was a special treat for me. My wife was supposed to be here with my three kids, but instead we had to substitute at the last minute. This has been a spiritually uplifting moment for me. This was my first time really getting to know who these speakers were. What a blessing and treat it was. Maybe I should get out more often.

Shawn S. Mesa AZ

I am so glad I came! It was an amazing, amazing time this morning. I loved laughing and it was very motivating and it makes me want to be a better person. I am just leaving feeling so happy and very uplifted. I would like to come again!

Camille W. – Lakewood CO